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Embed a Google Map on Your Website

Today, in our hectic modern day life, one of the most essential and precious element is time. We cannot afford to waste any and especially not in trying to figure out addresses or locations. Thus, Google Maps has turned out to be one an important part of our life. The benefit of using Google Map to locate directions to a particular address is huge since it helps the users save both time and money. Google Maps not only provides mapping service but also step by step navigation as well as route planning options for users. The route planner offers some rather unique features with its exclusive options which include traveling by car, bicycle, and public transportation and even by foot. It also provides you an estimated time required for travel and the approximate cost involved. The route planning helps users to organize their tour as per their time limit and budget.

For companies or sellers, looking to attract prospective customers to their local stores, opting for the Google Map integration will significantly help them to steer ahead of their competitors. While you publish all relevant geographic details, feedbacks and review right against your location pin, the chances of attracting more customer increases manifold. With the help of the map and the directions your customers will not have to wonder about directions to reach the store. If you are worried about using Google API and the complicated coding associated with it then all you need to do is visit our website. All you need to do is enter your store location, choose a map type, select a zoom level and generate a piece of simple Java Script code. Embed the Java Script code into your website and enjoy the benefits of Google Map.

Embedding Google Map - Step by Step

Embedding Google Maps to your website is quite simple and is not at all complicated. The first thing that comes to someone’s mind about adding Google Maps to their website is the fear of coding. All you need to do is provide the address of the location you wish to add to your website, select the type of Map (Hybrid, Terrain, etc.), and choose a zoom level and the size of the map. Once you make these choices, you simply need to click on the button on the page and the JavaScript code will be available to you.

Next step is to copy this JavaScript code from our website to your website and you are ready to start enjoy the benefits of Google Maps.

Google Maps part of the Google Inc

The story of Google Maps starts in Denmark where the brothers Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen started their company ‘Where 2 Technologies’ and created a simple mapping software. In 2004, Google acquired this company from the brothers, eventually integrated it with other companies which Google purchased over the next year related to real time traffic analyzer and other mapping related applications and finally launched Google Maps application in 2005. Google Maps started its journey almost a decade ago, worked towards integrating numerous applications and evolved into one of the best mapping and location service in the world. The best part of course is that Google Map and all its related services are offered absolutely free.

Different Google Map Types

There are different types of maps that Google offers to the users. Based on your requirement you can opt for a particular style of map to embed in your website. The ‘ROADMAP’ style offered by Google Maps offers the default road view whereas the ‘SATELLITE’ maps offer Earth satellite view to the users.

The ‘HYBRID’ map style that is offered by Google Maps displays the mixture of both the satellite view as well as the normal view as well. There is also the ‘TERRAIN’ view that provides a compressive view of the terrain to the user.

To avail the endless benefits of using Google Map, all you need to do is integrate it with your website.

Embedding Google Maps with/without API

We have already mentioned about the benefit of our Maps Generator and the easiest way of getting the Google Maps, is to embed the simple JavaScript code available here to the relevant web page in your website. However, there is also the option of utilizing Google API for embedding Google Maps to a website though Working with Google API requires substantial programming knowledge. It probably could be an interesting option for those who love to play around with code and make interesting changes to it in order to generate specific customizations to the generated maps. However, for business professionals and commercial organization, tweaking bundles of Google API code could be seriously intimidating and time-consuming.

Customer Reviews on Google Maps

Google Maps is also a great place to get customer reviews. Be it a restaurant, a hotel or any other place of business, customers utilizing Google Maps can write reviews about the place and share it. This empowers a customer in deciding if they wish to visit this particular restaurant, hotel or shop based on the existing user reviews.

Google Maps Traffic and Route Planning

One of the great features offered by Google Maps is route planning. This mapping application offers route planning for public transportation, by foot and by car. By selecting a particular mode of transportation users can save time and know exactly how much distance they will have to travel and the estimated time it is going to take.

Moreover, with real time traffic updates it allows users to make live changes to their routes in order to avoid high volume of traffic.

Additional Benefit for Your Customer

Adding Google Maps to your benefits has its benefits. Customers planning to reach your company get a proper direction, left and right turns, elevation, time, estimated travel time by car, buses and even walking, feedbacks and user reviews. With a host of information, your customers can plan and estimate their travel time and cost based on their starting point. For example, in case of a restaurant, it is important to provide proper direction so that customers are able to reach the destination at their reserved time. This is essential for both the customer as well as you as a business owner. For a hotel or a real estate dealer, addition of Google Maps ensure that customers are aware of the neighborhood, the nearby facilities and other important details in and around the establishment in order to make an informed choice about opting for your services. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Contact - About Us